PS3 software update v.4.50 out today

Posted: October 2, 2013 in News
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On Sony’s PlayStation Blog this morning you will find a post on a software update for the PS3 with some very cool features included.  V.4.50 primarily is focused on making future software updates for the PS3 easier, upgrades to the purchasing aspect of their Web Store and data transferring with the Vita.

Auto download, previously only available to PSN Plus users, will now be available to everyone.  Similar to what Sony has said for future users of the PS4, even without a PSN Plus subscription.  Everyone will now be able to download system updates for their console automatically.  No more waiting around for the software to update!  Also, auto download of purchases from the Web Store will also be made available to all.

Transferring data between your Vita and PS3 will also be made easier.  Now, WiFi and an ethernet cable may be used for the transferring process.  Lastly, some updates have been made to the privacy settings for the trophy system


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