Steam Controller Demonstration!

Posted: October 11, 2013 in News, Vids
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Aside from the Steam OS and fabled Steam Box’s that were shown off at Valve’s reveal, the prototype controller was one of the announcements that garnered lots of attention. The idea of a mouse and keyboard control being able to be replicated on a controller is an innovative idea, but lots of skepticism still remains.

Today Valve released a demonstration video of how this kind of control can be implemented on a controller and let me tell you, it’s impressive.

Bringing this kind of control to the uninitiated PC gaming crowd by using familiar input hardware such as a controller feels like it could be a boon for Valve. The StarCraft’s, Civilization’s and point and click kind of games were meant to be for mouse and keyboard only, but Valve is potentially ready to break this barrier down. Obviously, it will all come down to actual real world trials from people, but from what’s shown on the video this looks feasible now in a way that was harder to imagine even a week ago.


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