About Alex

I am in my late 20’s living in Los Angeles, California.  I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember starting with the NES.  Over the years I have developed a broad taste in genres.  I like everything from blockbuster games to the indie developed game.  Whatever it is I’ll give it a fair shot, but if I had to name one genre that really gets my heart pumping it would have to be the stealth based games.  Not so coincidentally my favorite franchise of all time is Metal Gear Solid which is probably why I enjoy that genre so much.  Just wonderfully made games from their visuals to the killer music, tight gameplay with equally tight controls  and the story (albeit a bit crazy at times) all add up to what is a franchise that I will cherish forever.  My passion is twofold though and an odd couple at that.  Not only do I love games, but I also have a love of sports.  The sport that is most special to me is football, but I generally enjoy all sports.  For the exception of a few shows I like to watch if my TV is on and I am not gaming it’s most certainly tuned to either NFL Network or ESPN.  I enjoy writing and have written articles on video games, sports and technology.  I also do the occasional fictional writing in the form of shorts.  Check out my Google+ page as there is where I do most of my social posting as well as Twitter.  I am also a contributor to That VideoGame Blog.

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