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PS4 extras in the box

Posted: November 8, 2013 in News
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Available in only a limited supply, the launch PS4’s will include everything you need to fully experience what the PlayStation 4 has to offer:

  • $10 credit for use in the PlayStation Store
  • 30 day free PlayStation Plus membership
  • 30 day Music Unlimited trial

The next generation in Sony hardware will be out November 15th.  Courtesy of


Perfect Day

Posted: October 25, 2013 in Vids
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Let’s all get ready and have a “Perfect Day”!

A 300 MB patch will be available on day one of the PlayStation 4 release, which is fast approaching.  Here is a quick list of what features will be “turned on” when November 15th hits, taken directly from

· Remote Play
Users will be able to access PS4 titles displayed on their living room TVs and play them on a PS Vita system over Wi-Fi networks by using PS4 Link. SCE anticipates that most PS4 titles will be playable on the PS Vita system through Remote Play.
· Second Screen
Users can use the PS4 Link application for the PS Vita system, and PlayStation®App for iPhone, iPad, and Android™ based smartphones and tablets,to use these devices as second screens in supported titles. PlayStation®App has the ability to enable users to interact with games with their mobiles devices. For example onTHE PLAYROOM, a title pre-installed in all PS4 systems that requires PlayStation®Camera, users can draw pictures on their mobile device screens and flick them towards the TV. The images then appear as a 3D object within the game.
· Record, take screen shots, and upload gameplay effortlessly
The PS4 system provides dedicated, “always on” video encoding systems that enables seamless uploading of gameplay. Users can share their epic triumphs by simply hitting the “SHARE button” on PS4 Wireless Controller (DUALSHOCK®4), take screenshots or scan through the last 15 minutes of gameplay, tag it and return to the game—the video uploads as the user plays. At the PS4 system’s launch in North America, users will be able to share their images and videos with friends on Facebook and screenshots with followers on Twitter.
· Broadcast and spectate gameplay
The PS4 system also enhances social spectating by enabling users to broadcast their gameplay in real-time to game fans around the globe, using Ustream and Twitch live internet streaming services. SCE provides two ways for users to view live broadcasts. First, the Live from PlayStation® application on PS4 aggregates streams from all PlayStation® users. Second, users can spectate friends’ PS4 gameplay from PCs, and applications such as Ustream, Twitch, and browsers, which are installed on their mobile devices. These applications can be easily started up via PlayStation®App, and users can also use these applications to post comments to gameplay broadcasts. Furthermore, users with PlayStation®Camera can stream camera images and microphone sounds along with their live gameplay broadcast.
· Play as you download
This feature enables users to play supported digital titles as they are being downloaded. When a game is purchased, users can start playing after PS4 downloads a portion of the data, while the rest of the game is downloaded in the background during actual gameplay. Games may be downloaded in stand-by mode.
· Multi log-in
A maximum of 4 users can log-in to a single PS4 system simultaneously. These players can use their own save data to play games, and also earn trophies on their own Sony Entertainment Network accounts even when playing a multi-player game together on a single PS4 system.
· Party (Voice chat)
By using the Mono Headset bundled with the PS4 system, users will be able to chat with up to eight friends enjoying different applications or games. Furthermore, users can use Party to chat between PS4 and PS Vita systems.
· Face recognition and voice commands
Users with PlayStation®Camera will be able to register their facial image onto their PS4 system, and login to their system using facial recognition instead of DUALSHOCK®4. Furthermore, users can use either the microphone of the Mono Head set connected to DUALSHOCK®4, or PlayStation®Camera to navigate through the PS4 home screen (PlayStation®Dynamic Menu) with voice commands to start up games and shutdown the system, among other features.
· Background music player
Users can enjoy gameplay while listening to music in the background with Music Unlimited, a cloud-based digital music service. Users can also voice chat with friends while listening to music.
· Online Multiplayer
PlayStation®Plus (PS Plus) members will be able to play PS4 titles online with other players via the network. PS Plus makes it easy for members to join available online multiplayer matches in a variety of ways, including the ability to easily join a game from a live stream broadcast or Party voice chats.
· Blu-ray Disc™ and DVD player
Users can enjoy not only gaming on their PS4 system, but also Blu-ray and DVD video contents.

Originally reported by Machinima:

According to a “well placed source”, a PS4 and Vita bundle will drop before the end of the year!  This bundle will retail for an estimated $500.  Sounds almost too good to be true…

Currently the PS4 is priced at $399.99 while the PS Vita is $249.99.  That is a huge savings, but at the same time does make sense.  Sony is already touting the Vita as that second screen experience or even to be used to play the actual game a la the Wii U.  Whatever the case, this smells of a holiday bundle and what better way to get that Vita you probably haven’t picked up yet (don’t worry, you’re not alone).

Depending on how good the PS4 support is, this might actually make the Vita a viable addition to our prized tech possessions.

This week was a bit on the quiet side, but with Comic Con in San Diego today, some awesome tidbits have come out.  Aside from that, the Oculus Rift team had some interesting ideas for it’s awesome hardware and your PS4 digital library can be played anywhere!!

So, according to Oculus Rift CEO Brendan Iribe, they hope one day the Oculus Rift will be either free or subsidized…wait what?!  Yes, this is indeed the case according to an interview Brendan Iribe had with Edge.  The current development kit version of the OR is $300.  This is the same price point they want to keep for the 1080p enabled consumer version to be released (currently it supports up to 720p), but the OR team is hard at work trying to come up with different business models for distribution of their hardware.  Iribe wants to subsidize the price by essentially making the hardware cheaper to produce based on the money they make from it or it’s products; “Let’s say there was some game you played in VR that everybody loved and everybody played and we made $100 a month – or even $10 a month – at some point the hardware’s cheap enough and we’re making enough that we could be giving away the headset.”  All I can say about this is I hope they get the support from the consumers since that’s the only way this will happen.  It seems as if the OR team is striving to make this hardware accessible to the masses by way of price reduction which usually is a sound way to increase a user base.  I like it and I’m on board, let’s just hope they do it right.

Sony wants to make “a digital [game] library a practical option in the real world” by combining access to your library via your username and a function called Play As You Download.   Neil Brown, Sony’s R&D senior team leader spoke at Develop and outlined the process.  As many of you savvy readers know already, the PlayStation 4 comes packed with two chips.  One is for the graphical processes and the other to maintain the background duties such as downloading, which was a process shared by one chip on all last generation consoles.  This is definitely an exciting development and basically one ups the Family Share plan Microsoft had in place with the Xbox One presented at E3.  Microsoft might still bring back the Family Share plan, but it might have trouble being as convenient as this current plan by Sony if they keep it the same as what was originally announced.

Lastly, just some quick tidbits from Comic Con in quick fire fashion:

  • Unbeknownst to anyone a teaser trailer for a World of Warcraft film was shown!  By director Duncan Jones, filming is set to start next year
  • It has been confirmed that the next episode of The Walking Dead Game will definitely have Clementine in it and also fill you in on what happened to Kenny
  • The Xbox One will be able to 3D map your head so that it may be used on your avatar AND the Kinect camera will capture the facial expressions you’re making while playing a game to mimic them on your avatar.  HAHA that should be interesting.

Plenty to discuss this week from Microsoft, Sony has a promising feature for their Netflix app and Steam’s trading card system is in full swing.

-Looks like Microsoft will invest about $700 million to expanding it’s data centers.  Named “Project Mountain”, these data centers are one part of what will be powering Xbox One’s cloud services.  Located in Des Moines, Iowa, this stretch of land is 40 acres long sharing space with other tech companies such as Google and Facebook which also have data centers located in Iowa.  I am excited yet a bit skeptical on this cloud service Microsoft is rolling out.  It seems as if it could be a giant step for the Redmont company and obviously they are putting their chips on that respective table, but we still don’t truly know how it will weave itself into our gaming experience.  Will this improve graphic capabilities down the line?  Or is it strictly something for online gameplay improvement?  The possibilities are endless, but for now we’ll just have to wait and see what the extent of this cloud service is.

-With that being said an engineer from Respawn, makers of the highly anticipated Titanfall, posted an article on how their specific next gen game will benefit from the cloud services.  Jon Shiring, stated having access to dedicated servers from Microsoft means they don’t have to rent and maintain servers from different ISP’s.  Microsoft has servers globally available which means a more uniform experience for everyone that is connecting to Xbox Live and subsequently a better gaming experience for people playing Titanfall, which is only an online multiplayer game.

-Ready to watch live TV on your Xbox 360?  Yes, the 360.  If you have a subscription with Time Warner Cable, you will be able to watch live TV later this summer.  With an Xbox Live Gold membership and the Time Warner app you will have access to approximately 300 channels of live television.  We already know the Xbox One, basically doubles as a intermediary to the set top box, so this is definitely an interesting development.  This prompts me to think maybe Time Warner will be one of the first providers able to pair up with special features to the Xbox One.  This is a bit of an odd move considering Microsoft’s eggs are mostly in the One’s basket, but maybe this is also a good showing of faith to continue to service the 360 while in the midst of a next gen console release.

-On June 28th the Netflix app available on PSN will have an added feature named “Max”, found in the categories section.  From the makers of the You Don’t Know Jack series, Jackbox Games added this feature that will help users decide on what to watch by offering interactive suggestions to the viewer.  You can immediately play a movie, put it in the queue or get a 30 second pitch delivered to you about the movie’s premise.  Sort of a lite version of the game show they are most well known for, Max will be coming to other platforms in the future.  This sounds like a great idea, but as of 6/30, this feature wasn’t working for me. Will update.

-The beta version of the Steam trading card system that launched in May has officially come to all Steam users.  Basically, a meta game for your games.  Currently, only a few games are supported such as Don’t Starve, Dota 2 and others just to name a couple.  These cards can be used to craft badges for status or to redeem in game content.  You earn these cards by simply playing the games that are supported.